BRABO! trains the trainers, operators and engineers to reduce the dependency and increase customer confidence

BRABO! provides training which are designed to correspond to actual operations of client.

BRABO’s training is mainly to train the work supervisors, engineers, technicians, users, programmers and maintenance workers. The training is offered to BRAL’s customers, System Integrators, partners and own personnel.

Training needs are customised based on the requirements of Institute, company or personnel. We generally offer training on products, systems, commissioning, standard programming, periodical maintenance and routine service.

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Floor-3,4, Plot-18, Nanavati Mahalaya, Mudhana Shetty
Marg, BSE, Fort,
Mumbai- 400001, India


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C/O Tata Motors Ltd.
PDO Building, Chinchwad Campus, Pune- 411033, India

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