The BRABO! Story

BRABO! was born in 2014 and designed to complement human labour to perform high volume tasks with speed and efficiency. It can lift payloads from 2 kg to 50 kg.

BRABO! was designed in-house and was made compliant with European safety health and environment standards.
It has had quite an exciting journey so far. BRABO! was barely 1 year old when it bagged its first trophy for ‘First Time Made in India Robots with best technology Award’ at Automation 2015.
The subsequent years saw the development of the indigenous controller, launch of the 5 axis 10 kg robot, CE certification and factory automation.
BRABO! was commercially launched in April 2017 to handle payloads of 2 kg and 10 kg. TR-06 soon followed and we got the IP certification in 2017. Barely into my fourth year of production, BRABO! was awarded the TATA Innovista Award for best product innovation.
BRABO! also received the Bronze Award for Best Product Innovation at the Rajkot machine Tools show in 2018.

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