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The need for low cost of ownership automation for Indian MSMEs is the raison d’être for BRABO! Robot with low payload capacity. The concept of rapid automation with BRABO! was initially emerged with this very specific objective of satisfying the need of MSME industry.

CEO Dr. Amit Bhingurde realised this pressing need of “ Make in India” solution for the Indian industry and set the wheels of motion for creating India’s first industrial ‘Robolution’ under brand BRABO!

The BRABO! team was formed which comprises of more than 100 Engineers who are young, talented and research oriented and dedicated in application and designing to support automation solutions.

Over next couple of years the customised applications were successfully developed by the BRABO team and installed in MSMEs, FMCG, Automobiles, General industries and Education sectors.

The team BRABO  is focused on solution affordability to customers with smart concept, optimum design, best in the class after-market support and committed for ensuring BRABO! a desired choice of customers for generating high production outputs in return for a minimal cost of ownership.

BRABO! now has dedicated team with a different range of models and applications to provide industry automation solutions to wide range of industry.

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