Robowhiz Educart

Industrial robot

BRABO ROBOWHIZ Educart brings a revolutionary classroom experience specifically designed for students for getting hands on learning experience in Robotics Automation technology. BRABO ROBOWHIZ Educart would facilitate students to increase their understanding of the principles and operation of industrial robots used in different manufacturing processes, it would give them an opportunity to practically utilize fundamentals of application development, design and working of robotics cell, programming and many more.

BRABO ROBOWHIZ has an open source controller with which communication with third party software like LabVIEW, MATLAB, Visual studio, Java can be done easily, which will enable students to learn different aspects of Robotics and Automation Technology. With BRABO ROBOWHIZ, students would practically learn Robot Programming, axis movement, trajectory movement, linear movement and many more. 


BRABO ROBOWHIZ EDUCART comes with Robot, Controller, gripper with 2 jaw parallel gripper and vacuum suction, air compressor, acrylic fencing doing path tracing, along with pick and place application. 


Industrial robot

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