Annual Maintenance Contract

Connect with us and get the benefit of industrial robot related services

BRABO! offers immediate after-market support and ensure life cycle management at a low life cycle cost

Take advantage of our fast and comprehensive 24-hour locally available spare parts supply service to keep your downtimes to a minimum.

Ontime support of BRAL service engineers at a reasonable annual maintenance cost with availability of spare parts in India at right price ensures low life cycle cost to customers. BRABO! guarantees the availability of standard spare parts for at least ten years.

For valued customers, BRABO! ensure exchange deliveries from regional offices to prevent costly downtimes.

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Floor-3,4, Plot-18, Nanavati Mahalaya, Mudhana Shetty
Marg, BSE, Fort,
Mumbai- 400001, India


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C/O Tata Motors Ltd.
PDO Building, Chinchwad Campus, Pune- 411033, India

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+91 20-66135549 / 8554996356 /

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