Why Robotics in Education?

Technology has hugely impacted the way people function. As the world looks forward to new technology every day, robotics and automation have become an indispensable part of the industry. Industry 4.0, IoT, robotics and automation are the buzz words which we hear often on various platforms of life. The Robotics and Automation industry has grown strikingly in the last couple of years. Growing industries such as these will create a demand for people with new and innovative ideas who are also equipped with the knowledge to design and create the necessary technology. This brings into play the introduction of robotics in schools and colleges. This would lead to opportunities for these young minds to discover their interests in this field and come up with brand new ideas. Offering the knowledge and access to robotics education is a satisfactory way to build interest in this subject.

Who is an ideal candidate for Industry?

Robotics and automation is an interdisciplinary subject. This is a vast subject covering almost all the branches of engineering which makes them a bridge between mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science. A student having the basic knowledge of programming and logical understanding can fit easily in the robotics industry. Some of the key skills required for this industry are knowledge of Robot configuration, Automation elements, Fault diagnostics, system integration, programming, FME CA, simulation and sensor technology.

What we offer?

The gap in what is taught to students in educational institutions and what the industry needs has been evident over the time. To amalgamate academia and industry requirements, we at BRAL have created a few standardized robotic cells for colleges which would help the students learn the different aspects of industrial robotics and automation. There is an availability of various options for the robotic lab like, basic pick and place cell, robotic application using vision system, gesture and voice controlled robotic system, vision based sorting system.  We also provide customized robotic system depending on the requirement of the college. Apart from these standalone training cells we also have the complete center of excellence for Robotics and automation. The center of excellence comes with three variants- the beginners, intermediate and Advanced levels. Latest topics like IoT, AI, ML, Industrial robotics, vision based sorting, inspection system can be accessed to through the center of excellence. Furthermore, we have developed training modules on robotics and Pneumatic technology. These training grants the students a hands on experience of different elements of robotics and related topics which in turn would ignite their grey cells. 

The present market scenario and industrial requirement is witnessing a faster drift towards the robotics and automation along with controlling the various operations and processes remotely. This trend calls for developing the skill sets required for individuals to develop such technology and give way to novel ideas in the field of robotics and Automation. We at BRAL intend to help individuals to gain this knowledge with ease and flexibility and contribute in the skill development of the millennials.

Ms. Srujana Tripathy

Business Development
Brabo Robotics and Automation Limited