Robotic Carton Filling System: 

Robotic system is high productive system in comparison to manual operation. It is extremely flexible and reliable system than any other conventional type of Carton filling system. 

Robots are highly repeatable and accurate, which in turn helps to increase productivity. Brabo Robotics and Automation Limited promises reliable and cost effective solution, which helps for return on Investment. 

The component can be sachet, bottle, cup, small mini carton, packets etc from FMCG, Food, Pharma industry or any other industry where the requirement is to pack into the box. In the same line there are different variants that needs to segregate the items and put in different carton box that may vary in sizes.

Vision based solution helps to segregate the components/ to detect the components/ to detect the orientation of the component. Based on the feedback from vision system, Barbo Robot picks the components with the help of Designed/standard Grippers and place into the Carton Box. Sometimes the gripper is designed as per requirement of the component or can be used standard gripper as available in market. Robot places the components into the carton as per predefined matrix. 

Robotic carton filling system is flexible solution. In case in future some component dimensions, carton box dimensions, line speed or new additional component gets added or changed in the same line, Robotic solution is extremely flexible to adapt the change than any other mechanical conventional solution.

Food, Pharma FMCG sector, they have their manufacturing dynamic lines that have high speed lines. Brabo Robot is the solution with multiple picking in single cycle. Sometimes product volume (dimensions) is higher but weight is less, in that case we can certainly say that “Yes, Brabo is the right choice”.

Robotic Palletizing System: 

Robotic palletizing is an extremely flexible solution which gives high repeatability. Robotic palletizer is helpful to avoid manual fatigue and increase the line efficiency. If you are storing the filled pallets in Automatic Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS), then it is system demand of ASRS for uniformity of stack onto the pallet. Robotic palletizing makes stack very uniform as per predefined matrix. 

Single Robot can cater multiple pallets with multiple variants. Two pallets can be catered by single steady Robot. If you want to cater multiple Pallets then Robot can be movable onto the rail so that Robot can reach to other pallets.

As per demand multiple robots in series can be deployed to cater line. Vision Based palletizing solutions handles multiple variants at infeed and the Robot makes different matrices onto the pallet at outfeed. 

Brabo Robots have hands on experience and expertise to provide Best industry solution of Palletizing.


Mr. Vijayanand Bhalerao
Senior Member Business Development Team
BRABO Robotics and Automation Limited