Thanks to our BRABO Team for successful development of industrial Robot Arm and integrated systems to serve many industrial applications such as Palletizing, De-Palletizing, Material Handling, Machine Loading / Press Tending and Welding etc.

Robotics Palletizing: The Robot uses Gripper to Pick the Boxes from a running Conveyor and places one by one on the Pallet in defined matrix. The Robot system uses Vision Camera to identify the specific Box to be picked and gives feedback to the conveyor to stop or separate the box. The Robot picks it without human interference. 

The BRABO Robotic Palletizing system offer high level Palletizing and several advantages in End of Line Palletization. Space optimization, Smart Gripper, and Small Robot Arms with Low payloads for small boxes which leads to lowest cost of ownership.

Material Handling: Today nearly 39% of the robots are being used for Robotic Material Handling processes such as pick & place, part transfer, Machine loading / Unloading etc. in every production process. Here are a few benefits from Robotic material handling:

  • Productivity: Robots are faster and more accurate than humans in most of the industrial applications, particularly the repeatable task material handling/ pick & place or machine loading etc.
  • Quality: Robots are highly repeatable, which reduces rejection, scrap and rework processes that comes with human error.
  • Flexibility: vision guided robots can perform a variety of tasks once they are programmed, making the ROI easier than ever before.

Robotic Welding: nearly 30% of the robots being used in the industry are for Welding.

Most of the Robots in this segment are used for Spot welding in automotive BIW and Arc Welding in Automotive, Railways, construction equipment manufacturing etc.

Robot can be programmed offline, online with teaching pendant or be guided by machine vision system in combination to the online teaching.

Robotic welding system offers, increased productivity, precision, repeatability, efficiency and enhanced performance. 

Thanks to the respective technology developers for wide range of intelligent functions such as collision detection / avoidance with vision, multi-layer welding, end craters and tandem technology that contributes to the changing times across industries.  

The Covid-19 outbreak has created a pressing need to automate the industrial applications to meet the demanding supply of materials/ components in the supply chain.

-Mr. Dyaniyal Chavan

 Senior Member Business Development Team.

 BRABO Robotics and Automation Limited.